How To Create A Song On The Computer?

Making music on your computer isn’t as hard as you think. You probably have most of the gear you need.

Let’s start with mixing equipment. Never underestimate the importance of mixing when it comes to the overall sound. You need two things – mixing headphones and studio monitors. Monitors and headphones are essential for getting quality mixes. You don’t need to buy specific equipment to get things going, but you can’t use regular headphones or speakers either because they aren’t accurate enough. Consumer speakers and headphones have their frequency ranges adjusted to affect sound. The tracks usually sound better on consumer products as a result.

Digital Audio Workstations

DAWs are maybe the most important factor. These programs run on your computer and enable one to edit, record, and produce audio files. There are several different options on the market. The best free options include Pro Tools First and GarageBand, the latter being compatible only with Apple iOS only. Of course, free tools’ capabilities are limited, but they’re a great way to get a feel for what it’s like to make music at home on your computer!

Those who’d rather have the full versions are encouraged to try out Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Cubase, Fl Studios, and Reason. Most of them come with a free trial period.

Audio Interface

Anyone who wants to record a song will find this component indispensible. Audio interfaces are the missing link from your external hardware to your computer. External hardware includes musical instruments, monitors, headphones, and your microphone. It’s possible to get professional results even from the most basic of interfaces.

MIDI Controller

This piece of equipment provides one of the easiest ways to create a MIDI music file. The MIDI interface is a protocol designed with the purpose of controlling digital instruments. It transmits data on how the music was made. It is like a link between the DAW and your electronic instruments.

These devices usually come in the form of basic keyboards. They don’t need to be complex at all. All you practically need is a device with the basic MIDI features. Other than that, all you need to produce and edit songs is the DAW.

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